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Course code: KOO 105
Credits: 7.5 hp
Language: English

Responsible for course

Teacher: Kimberly Dick Thelander

Materials Analysis at the Nanoscale

Course content

Overview of solid state microanalysis methods; The electron microscope as an analytical tool; Identification of phases by morphology, chemical composition, electron diffraction and high resolution transmission electron microscopy; Scanning electron microscopy; XEDS and EELS for element analysis; Scanning probe microscopy; LEED; Synchrotron based analysis; X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

PDF  Schedule 2014  


There will be no further lectures this week (seminars will still take place as planned).

PDF  Lab Groups

PDF  Map for Max-lab visits

PDF  Map of Kemicentrum

PDF  Reading guide Electron Microscopy

PDF  Reading guide Surfaces part (Attard)

PDF Practice Exam 1 Solutions

PDF  Practice Exam 2  Solutions

PDF  Practice Exam 3  Solutions coming soon

PDF  XEDS and EELS K lines and edges 

PDF  XEDS and EELS L and M lines and edges 

PDF  XEDS lines by energy 

PDF  List of acronyms

Diagnostic Exam

Note: the Diagnostic Exam to be held on Nov 28 will cover the material from Lectures 1-8 and Seminars 1-3. Lecture 9 will NOT be covered on this exam (but will of course be on the final exam!)

IMPORTANT: if you have not written the Diagnostic Exam, you are strongly encouraged to write it yourself for practice (exam paper is posted below) before reading the solutions.
PDF Solutions
PDF  Results
PDF  Exam

Lecture notes

PDF  Lecture 1 2014
PDF  Lecture 2 2014
PDF  Lecture 3 2014
PDF  Lecture 4 2014
PDF  Lecture 5 2014
PDF  Lecture 6 2014
PDF  Lecture 7 2014
PDF  Lecture 8 2014  Updated Nov 16!
PDF  Lecture 9 2014
PDF  Lecture 10 2014
PDF  Lecture 11 2014
PDF  Lecture 12 2014
PDF  Lecture 13 2014
PDF  Lecture 14 2014 Updated Dec 16 (error corrected)
PDF  Summary: Electron Microscopy
PDF  Summary: Surface Analysis

Exercise Questions

PDF  Seminar 1 questions 2014  Solutions New!
PDF  Seminar 2 questions 2014  Solutions updated with answers to the warm-up problems
PDF  Seminar 3 questions 2014  Solutions
PDF  Seminar 4 questions 2014  Solutions
PDF  Seminar 5 questions 2014  Solutions
PDF  Seminar 6 questions 2014  Solutions
PDF  Additional Questions: Surface Analysis (former exam problems, to be used as practice when studying)


Lecturers: Kimberly Dick Thelander, Anders Mikkelsen
Laboratory Instructors: Daniel Jacobsson, Robert Hallberg


Williams, D B och Carter, B C: Transmission electron microscopy – a textbook for materials science, 2nd edition. Springer 2009. ISBN: 978-0-387-76502-0
Attard, G and Barnes, C: Surfaces: Oxford Chemistry Primer no. 59. Oxford University Press 1998. ISBN 0-19-855686-1


SEM/TEM meet at Kemicentrum, entrance A
Maxlab/STM: meet at Max-lab entrance (see map, above!)

Images from the labs